We do not provide any kind of security guarantee.

The Crawford Road fenced, gated, and electronically monitored compound is lighted and visible to thousands of Highway 11 drivers who pass by on an average day. Our electronic gate and computer system are professionally designed, manufactured, and maintained, but from time to time a malfunction may cause the gate to remain open due to mechanical or electronic failure, extreme weather conditions, or other reasons. The facility is accessible around the clock, by registered clients with their valid key codes. When securing your individual unit, you use one of our approved padlocks, and you and Muskoka Store All each keep a key.

The West Gravenhurst location is lighted at night but is not inside a fenced compound. When securing your locker, you use one of our approved padlocks, and you and Muskoka Store All each keep a key.

We ask each of our valued clients to act responsibly and practice the following security measures:

  • The general rule is “Keep information to yourself.”
  • Don’t share your key code with anyone.
  • Don’t share the particulars of what you have stored at our facility with anyone.
  • Get contents insurance.
  • Keep a detailed list of the contents of your storage locker in a safe and secure location. This will help your insurance company to determine the cost, and if anything should ever be stolen, you will be able to provide the list to the police immediately.
  • Take a picture of your belongings. A picture is worth a thousand words if you should have to deal with insurance.
  • If you see suspicious activity, please report it to us at 705-687-6550.